1. To formulate, process and issue policy letters/Govt litters on procurement procedure.
  2. Continue evaluate of policy letters and process amendments/updates to policy letters to keep them effective.
  3. Record and issue minutes of meeting on procurement policy matter.
  4. Deals with queries pertaining to rules/policies related to procurement.
  5. Prepare brief/presentations on Defence procurement system.
  6. To issue End User Certificates (EUCs) for the contracts concluded by DGDP, DPs and ADPs abroad for the purchase of Defence equipment.
  7. Compilation and forwarding updating briefs on various countries to MoDP.


Details of duties are as:-

  1. Compilation/processing of regular reports received from DPs, ADPs and PC sections of DGDP (List att)
  2. Complication/processing of required basis reports received from DPs, ADPs and PC sections of DGDP (List att)
  3. Issue of Exemption Certificate/Import Permit/Export Permit.
  4. Minutes of Joint Appeal Committee Meeting and Monitoring/latest position of the cases to be discussed in meeting.


a.   Procurement of following stores:-

  1. Armaments / spares.
  2. Ammunition.
  3. Fire control instrument (FCI).
  4. Special Services Group (SSG) equipment.

b.   Protocol agreement of military assistance with China alongwith connected issues.

c.   SUPARCO 122MM MBRL ammunition (M/s SUPARCO).

d.   Korean Government (DPRK) Defence Collaboration Trade Cases.

e.   General staff Priority List.

f.   Bonded Ware Houses.

g.   Audit reports pertaining to this Section.

h.   Processing/follow up of appeals of the firms pertaining to above mentioned subject.


  1. Aviation eqpt (other than armt).
  2. Medical equipment/Medicine and electrical medical equipment.
  3. High Attitude eqpt (other than armaments).
  4. General store and clothing (GS&C).

b.   Issuance of No Objection Cert (NOC) for local purchase of Ration items.

c.   Issuance of NOC for local purchase of Petrol Oil & Lubricant (POL) items.

d.   Audit reports pertaining to this Section.

e.   Processing/flow up of appeals of the firms pertaining to above mention subject.


a.   Procurement of following stores:-

  1. Military Transport (MT) vehicles all types.
  2. Engineer stores.
  3. Military Intelligence (MI/Electronics Warfare’s(EW) Anti Terrorist equipment).

b.   Issuance of NOC for local purchase of tyres, tubes and Batteries.

c.   Audit reports pertaining to this Section.

d.   Processing/follow up of appeals of the firms pertaining to above mentioned


  1. All cases pertaining to Pakistan Navy (Including Depots, Ships Establishment etc).
  2. Corres dealing with DP (Navy).
  3. All cases including cross mandation of indents of Pakistan Navy.
  4. All appeals cases addressed to DGDP pertaining to DP (navy) and PC-4 Sec.
  5. Audit reports of this section.


  1. Correspondence and issues related with DP (Air).
  2. Correspondence of indents of ADPs (Air) and contracts received from ADP Paris, London, France and China etc.
  3. All cases pertaining to acquisition of weapons system/major equipment for PAF for Foreign countries.
  4. All appeal cases addressed to DGDP pertaining to DP (Air) and this section.
  5. Audit reports pertaining to this section.

PC-6 (FMS)

  1. All Foreign Military Sale (FMS) cases pertaining to Army, Navy & PAF.
  2. Audit reports pertaining to this section.


  1. All issues related to shipment of Defence stores and shipping.
  2. Freight forwarding contracts and connected issues.
  3. Contract with National Logistics Cell (NLC) for transportation of Defence Stores.
  4. Audit report pertaining to this section.


  1. All matters pertaining to registration/indexation of firms and suppliers.
  2. Corres pertaining to disciplinary action against the firms.
  3. Appeals against disciplinary action and registration/indexation matters.
  4. Processing cases of issuance of ITs on EM, recommended by DPs.
  5. Request for meeting with DGDP by representatives of firms.
  6. Publication of fortnightly DGDP Bulletin.

Budget Section

  1. All budget matters including analysis, review, proposals and distribution of budget to DGDP/ DPs and ADPs Abroad.
  2. Distributing, consolidating and forwarding of audit objections and draft paras of audit objections pertaining to ARMY, Navy, PAF & ADPs abroad.
  3. Loan/Advances.

Coord Section

  1. Welfare/Adm/Discipline matters of Civilian Staff & Military Officers of
  2. Ex-Pakistan Leave/Leave, Move sanction, compilation/processing pay and allowances of Civilian Officers and staff.
  3. Estb matters pertaining to DGDP, DPs and ADPs Abroad.
  4. All other matters pertaining to ADPs abroad including Annual Inspection of ADPs.
  5. Correspondence between ADPs.
  6. Annual Evaluation reports of officers of DGDP (including Staff), DPs and ADPs abroad officers only.
  7. Disposal of incoming/outgoing mail.
  8. Request for call on DGDP or any other personal by representative of firms.
  9. Miscellaneous Corres.
  10. Organization DGDP Conf/Meeting issuance of Minutes.
  11. Compilation and forwarding/despatch of reports on cooperation in Defence Fields.
  12. Compilation and forwarding updating, briefs on various countries.


  1. All Administration matters.
  2. Pay and allowances Military Officers and other ranks (OR) of DGDP.
  3. All correspondence with Controller of Military Accounts (CMA) regarding annual budget, public and contingency funds.
  4. Repair/ Maint work – MES.
  5. All Military transport matters.
  6. Audit of DGDP for Annual Budget Allocation.

Computer Cell

  1. All matters relating to computer hardware and software.
  2. Conduct/ Liaison with DP Division Computer Cell on computer matters.

Disposal Wing

  1. General Correspondence.
  2. Disposal of surplus stores and auction advertisement.
  3. Policy procedure for disposal of Defence stores.
  4. Auctioneering Agreements.
  5. Notice/Correspondence with Auctioneering Firms.
  6. Audit reports.