The DGDP will be responsible for:-

a. Economic and speedy procurement of all Defence Stores based on priorities assigned by Service’s Headquarters.
b. Overall procurement policy for the Defence Stores.
c. Policy directive on the following matters:
   1. Shipping e.g. shipping lines with which to deal.
   2. Import licences e.g. Government policy on the granting of import licences and imposing restrictions under Government orders.
   3. Insurance policy e.g. kind of stores which may be insured, insurance companies to be employed and other policy matters.
d. Purchase Procedures.
e. Contractual forms and agreements.
f. General policy directives dealing with procurements.
g. Policy directive on registration of firms.
h. Policy instructions on disposal of stores.
i. Provision of full functional and administrative cover to the three Directorates of Procurements.
j. Loans, credits and barter deals with Foreign Government in respect of Defence Stores in consultation with Services Headquarters.