BRIG MUHAMMAD IRSHAD SI(M) Deputy Director General Defence Purchase

Brig Muhammad Irshad SI(M) was commissioned in the Corps of Ord in 1988. He is graduate of Command and Staff College Quetta. Offr has also done Pakistan Tech Staff Course from EME College alongwith ATO Course from Ord College. Alongwith other spec to arm courses offr has done foreign course on Inventory Mgmt. During his svc, offr held various Comd, Saff and Instructional Appts.

He served as ATO fmn as well as ATO Bde Gp on UN Mission Congo. Moreover, offr remained part of Ord College faculty and DQ of an Inf Bde. Brig Irshad has commanded two Ordeps ie ESD Jhelum and Ord Dep Jaglot. Has unique and vast experience of insp, svc lvl proc and tri svc lvl proc.

Brig Irshad remained CI, IAS&C and Dir Proc in DGP(Army). Presently serving in DGDP as Dy DG since Sep 2017.